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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

WOW! Forget About The Obamas Acting Like Royalty – CHECK Out The Clinton’s Demands!

We spend a lot of time ragging on the Obama family about their outrageous spending of taxpayer dollars on personal matters, but if Hillary becomes President, we may be swimming in material, and here’s why.

From Mad World News:

One of the most consistent criticisms of Barack Obama and family is the wasteful spending on lavish travel and vacations. During his presidency, stories have flooded social media about the tax dollars spent to give the Obamas royal accommodations. Now, Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is once again proving she’d be much of the same, as her travel demands have been exposed.

Although Hillary claims to be the champion for the average American, facts are proving that she doesn’t have a clue what that even means. From pricey haircuts to not driving for herself in decades, many have said that Hillary is severely disconnected from most American citizens and what our lives are actually like. It seems that it’s no different when it comes to travel, as she has quite the list of ridiculous demands — ones the average American couldn’t even imagine.

According to Fox News Insider, making close to $2 million for her private speaking gigs wasn’t enough for Hillary. In a newly released memo, specific demands made by the criminal politician were uncovered. CNN Money outlined the contents of the rider that was attached to Hillary’s speaking engagement agreements, and considering what she was making just for talking, the other things she insisted on will blow your mind.
Private jet, Gulfstream 450 or larger preferred
First class and business class tickets for her staff
Two members of her staff required up to 3 days on site to prepare
All local transportation and meals included
Presidential suite with up to three separate rooms attached
Flat fee of $1,000 for an onsite stenographer to record everything Hillary said; however, Hillary would not be required to provide the host with a copy


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