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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BIG Obamacare Premium Increases Coming

Health insurance companies are proposing huge increases in the premiums of healthcare plans obtained through the Affordable Care Act, The Hill reports.

"The industry is clearly setting the stage for bigger premium increases in 2017," Larry Levitt, an expert on the health law at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told The Hill.

The development comes just days after the nation's biggest health insurer, UnitedHealthcare, announced it was pulling out of many of the states it now services through the Affordable Care Act.

The Hill says many insurance companies have been taking losses partially because premiums were set too low when the program kicked off in 2014.



Anonymous said...

The insurance companies will continue to raise their rates, year after year, no matter the law or the politics, as long as we let them stay in control of our health care system.

Anonymous said...

Its called a monopoly... and when have you EVER SEEN PRICES go down when there is a MONOPOLY?????? NEVER......

Oh but remember, you are being fined oops I mean taxed if you don't pay for insurance so you can always just pay the fine oops I mean tax right? Wrong, until the fine oops I mean tax exceeds the price of insurance... OH and what happens to you when you don't want to pay the fine oops I mean tax??? What happens when you have no insurance??? What happens, when you don't need or want insurance???

Oh that's right, a lien can be levied on you home, your tax return will be taken if you even have a job, oh and if you do not have job or a home or money for them to take, where do you think you go then? JAIL, that is right you will go to JAIL...

Oh but you wanted it, and you asked for it and now here it is, you got it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Single payer would solve this.

Anonymous said...

LOL bigger than the last 50% increase I got hit with when my policy went from 600 to 900 and my deductible went from 500 to 1600.

and 12:14 no a single payer would not solve this. The taxpayers lose BILLIONS in Medicare fraud. How does that solve anything?

Anonymous said...

Not very 'affordable' is it? Most of the democrat pie nuts voted for this garbage now you have to live with it until Trump repeals it. You should've read the bill!