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Friday, April 01, 2016

FBI Now Helping Other Law Enforcement Agencies Bypass Apple’s iPhone Security Measures

One of Apple’s biggest concerns about being compelled to assist the FBI in bypassing the security measures on the iPhone was that it would be just the first of many requests to get around the device’s encryption, thus increasing the odds of this work-around getting into the hands of hackers. Now comes news that the FBI — which was able to crack the iPhone lockdown without Apple’s assistance — is offering to unlock Apple devices for other law enforcement agencies.


John said...

This is exactly what Apple said would happen! Apple should dye the FBI for copyright infringement , first they make it that you have to patent you product to " protect" yourself then THEY are the ones to steal it !

Anonymous said...

Delete means zero on iPhones.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but we just want to get in to this ONE phone to get the terrorist's contacts and information. Just one once.