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Friday, April 01, 2016

Cruz: Trump 'Hatchet Man' Roger Stone Planted Enquirer Story

Ted Cruz said Tuesday that he had proof that rival Donald Trump planted last week's report in The National Enquirer that he had had five extramarital affairs — tying it to the developer's "hatchet man," former political adviser Roger Stone.

"Sure," Cruz said in response to a question from CNN host Anderson Cooper on whether he had evidence of Trump's ties to the story. The Texas senator was speaking at a town hall hosted by the cable network in Milwaukee.

"The story on its face quoted one person on the record, Roger Stone," Cruz began. "Roger Stone has been Donald Trump's chief political adviser.

"He planned and ran his presidential campaign — and he's been his hatchet man. He spent 40 years as a hatchet man."

Cruz also noted that Trump is "good friends" with National Enquirer Chief Executive David Pecker.



Steve said...

So, my question to you, Mr. Cruz, is "why did you cheat on your wife 5 times with different women?"

Maybe if I vote for you to lead my Country, you would cheat on her, too?

You, sir, are a piece of crap. We already have one of those as our current POSPOTUS. We don't need that again.


Anonymous said...

If he is a "hatchet" man why doesn't Cruz answer the question: "Have you ever been unfaithful to Heidi?" That was if he says he didn't then someone told a lie!!!!!