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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Subject: Hungary Declares State Of Emergency, Deploys Thousands Of Troops To Border

Hungarian Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér announced in Budapest on Wednesday that Hungary is officially in a “state of emergency” because of the migrant crisis and has called up thousands of troops to the border with Romania.

Announcing the deployment of troops, the minister said: “we don’t know exactly what reactions those refugees and illegal migrants will have, [those] who are already inside the neighbouring countries. Therefore the government has decided that to prepare for this situation Hungary will strengthen protection of its borders, and we declare a crisis situation due to migration for the entire country.”

New fears of migrants passing through both Romania and Bulgaria to get to Hungary triggered the move, with the unpredictability of the migrant crisis and the migrant flow being a huge cause for concern for the Hungarian government, reports Kronen Zeitung.

The Hungarians are also worried about the growing number of migrants who are stuck in Greece along the border with Macedonia and Bulgaria. There are concerns the tens of thousands now stuck along the Balkans may attempt to force their way through borders, as has been observed in Greece.

Some border regions of Hungary have already been in a state of crisis, but this is the first time the whole country has been placed on an emergency footing.

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Anonymous said...

At least the Hungarians have common sense. Common sense is something Obama is lacking

Anonymous said...

Bring in heavy bombers and machine guns, kill them all, that is how you stop an invasion. This is how you protect your boarders, just exactly what we need to do with Mexico!

Anonymous said...

The world in total chaos and I'm amazed that our society completely pushes God out of every aspect of our culture!! Chaos is in our streets and going to get worse

Anonymous said...

5:15- Since the "..heavy bombers and machine guns,kill them all..." is
what caused this human tragedy,don't think that is the answer.
See 5:30's post for a clue.

5:30 Amen