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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cruz Campaign in Meltdown Mode as Heidi Goes MIA, Lyin’ Ted Fails to Sue or Actually Deny Cheating Rumors

RSBN is doing its best to keep you updated in real time about what certainly seems to be the effective end of the Cruz campaign, as the multiple-mistress scandal continues to linger and fester.

As of this afternoon, March 29, the Cruz campaign appears to be spinning out of control, if not already finished. It may be just a matter of time.

Not that Big Media is particularly doing much to do anything but bury the story. The trumpophobic media of course is relying on Cruz to remain in the race as its last hope of possibly preventing Trump from receiving the 1,237 delegates required for the Republican nomination.

The big news of the last day or so, make no mistake, is that Heidi Cruz has gone MIA. She canceled her New Jersey campaign events that were scheduled this week, including a fundraiser in Morris County scheduled for Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

You betcha, I believe the Ted Cruz infidelity is true. Heidi MIA and he himself won't answer the question, yeah, there's something to it.

Anonymous said...

He is learning that folks who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!!!

Anonymous said...

They are going to steal the nomination from Trump and give it to this loser and then his personal life will blow up. Hello, President Hillary.

Steve said...

If he will cheat on his wife on a regular basis, he will cheat America on a regular basis.

The GOP is so anti-Trump, they will force the break to Independent and yes, welcome President Hillary or Bernie, who they can CONTROL.

If this happens, Vote Trump, or vote for the destruction of America's Constitution. It's really the only two choices we are looking at RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

6:31 - I am sure he has already been cheating America on a regular basis. He is owned by Wall Street and big banks.