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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Scalia Autopsy Decision Divides Pathologists

Should Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s body undergone an autopsy?

A group of pathologists polled by The New York Times offered mixed perspectives when asked the question of whether the 79-year-old’s body should have been examined after he was declared to have died from natural causes, presumably cardiac arrest.

No autopsy was performed and the certification of death was made without even an examination of the body, The Times says.

Texas officials said they had obeyed the wishes of the Scalia family in not authorizing an autopsy after the justice was found Feb. 13 in his bed at a West Texas ranch.

An estimated 326,000 people of all ages experience cardiac arrest out of a hospital in the United States each year, and 90 percent of them die, according to the American Heart Association.



Steve said...

My Mom and Dad both got autopsies, and BOTH died in Hospice care after years in an old folks' home.

Why on earth would a Supreme Court Justice be treated in a lesser way?

The answer is so simple. There is a cover up in his death.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you have autopsies on old folks who died in hospice care? You know what hospice care means, right?

Not everything is a cover up. A 300+ pound man who is 79? Odds are, he lived longer than most would think. Sure as hell outlived Dom Deluise by a few years. Who was shocked when they heard of that passing?

Steve said...

11:01, Yes, I know fully well what hospice is, and they had autopsies because they both lives healthy without Alzheimer's to 94 1/2 years old. The doctors were interested in finding out how they lived so well for so long.
There's more than one reason for an autopsy.

Anonymous said...

Any important person that dies should have an autopsy just as a CYA. Unfortunately some states require autopsies, even in cases where there is no need, such as 10:18.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why the family didn't order an autopsy.

Anonymous said...

It was up to the family and they didn't want it. Scalia's doctor said that he suffered from multiple health problem.
He didn't even actually hunt anymore, just went along and watched.

Anonymous said...

Unattended deaths, especially prominent figures, always require an autopsy. This was an egregious exception and one can only suspect some kind of conspiracy.