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Friday, January 30, 2015

Does Mayor Ireton's Response Make Any Sense To You?

James Ireton; Tom Stevenson; William Holland; Susan Phillips
Subject: Re: Saturday Construction/City Noise Ordinance

All of you has been challenged PUBLICLY to show the community the Supreme Court case that shows Saturday as a weekday. A sizable donation to the charity of your choice if you can provide that information. You can send your information to Joseph Albero at SBYNEWS. 


Prove me wrong and I'll shut my mouth and let it be. Until then, try as you wish, but the community will prevail here, and you all know it.

Have a fabulous day !!! Mine will be great just waiting around for your replies !!!

Mayor Ireton Responds:

Subject: RE: Saturday Construction/City Noise Ordinance

"My best to you and Mr. Albero in this endeavor". Mayor Ireton

DO OVER, DO OVER, I thought Ireton wasn't going to directly respond any more.

At least Council President Jake Day is professional and truly interested in resolving this issue:

A common sense fix would simply be re-defining "weekday" to be Monday-Friday and then strongly enforcing it. I'm all in favor of that fix. 

It's an ordinance so the absolute fastest legally is 3 council meetings (1 work session, 2 readings). If we get a draft together in the next day or two I can get it on the next open work session agenda (2/16). If we have no issues/pushback and rush the implementation we could go to legislative session the very next week (2/23) for first reading and then get second reading the very next legislative session (3/9). Usually it takes quite a bit longer with research from the administration, but this seems to be a really simple issue.


Anonymous said...

It would be have been challenged.

Anonymous said...

If this is true do weekends include Mon & Tue ???

Anonymous said...

It shows that he blames you for everything. Is shows his inability to follow his own instructions. It shows that he has to have the last word. It shows how mature he is. It shows that he has no clue what he is doing. It shows he is a liar. It shows that he is unable to take responsibility. I shows that he is inept.

Its not so much this email alone but when you look at all the emails its pretty clear we would be better off without him.

Anonymous said...

If they knew how legislation worked, they would know that a work session isn'tt necessary, that it could be read and adopted at a regular meeting on first reading and 2nd reading could be held within days...done.

Anonymous said...

There is a simple solution to the question of what the definition of a weekday is in the state of Maryland, just look and see what the state defines as a weekday in the Annotated Code of Maryland! What the state has defined is what all counties and municipalities must as well. Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Might as well just have school on Saturday's since it's a week day. Kids will graduate a year ahead of time to a bleak job market.

Anonymous said...

Aren't people sometimes forced to report to jail on the weekends? Seems like there's a fine definition already in place.

Anonymous said...

I did exactly what 9:40 AM suggested. Go to nexislexis and type in weekend and there are numerous entries that define weekend as "weekend, Friday through Sunday". So by process of elimination weekdays are Mon-Thurs.

Anonymous said...

Problem not solved. Maryland doesn't define the weekend for any legal purpose. However, the feds do for employment regulations.