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Monday, November 23, 2015

Wimpy Colleges Surrender to Lunatic Fringe

In a month when Western Civilization has come under renewed attack from jihadists, that other bastion of opposition to the economic and political freedom the West embodies has gone haywire: college campuses. While it’s tempting to blame precious students who are demanding safe zones and freedom from unwelcome ideas, the real culprits are wimpy college administrators.

The latest chapter of political-correctness lunacy comes from Princeton’s campus, where a group of students staged an illegal sit-in at the offices of university president Eisgruber. The students were outraged that the man who ran Princeton before becoming our 28th president in 1913, Woodrow Wilson, was unable to see a century into the future during his life and comply with our contemporary racial sensibilities. Despite a tenure that made him commander-in-chief during World War I and which fundamentally changed America’s role in the world, aggrieved students now demand safety from buildings and murals bearing Wilson’s name.

Princeton’s Black Justice League also wants a space on campus for “cultural affinity” groups and and a diversity and “cultural competency” training program.(Incidentally, China had a nationwide version of this beginning in 1966.)

Rather than having the trespassing students arrested and expelled, Eisgruber validated their tactics, signing an agreement that could lead to airbrushing Wilson, and which provided amnesty for the law-breaking students.



Anonymous said...

In other words, a "No Whites Allowed" clubhouse, and mandatory indoctrination of whites (taught by blacks of course) of mandatory white self-hatred and subservient place to blacks.

And these are the people who are receiving racial preferences in admissions because they claim to be "oppressed". Yeah right.

F them. And F the pansy-assed administration that inexplicably panders to them.

I am SO GLAD that I'm out of college, years past this insanity. This rabid political correctness has no place, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

"..This rabid political correctness has no place, anywhere.."

It continues because people cave to it. Worried about being called names like 'racist' or 'homophobe'.

The lefties are not right mentally, so who cares what they think?

Do what you know is right ALL the time, and ignore their criticism.

It will only continue as long as it is working.

Anonymous said...

it already is at SU- they have an "Office of Institutional Equity" and are holding workshops on "safe spaces". These college kids today are too stupid and ignorant to have come up with this on their own- they are being taught it by their schools.