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Monday, November 02, 2015

The Murder of JFK

In her review of David Talbot’s new book,The Devil’s Chessboard (“Checkmate on The Devils Chessboard”, Consortium NewsOctober 27, 2015), Lisa Pease provides a succinct summary of Talbot’s impressive work. With one notable exception, she has nothing but praise for his seminal research. That exception relates to his reference to E. Howard Hunt’s “final confession” identifying LBJ as the top of the chain of command that brought about the death of JFK, which is not congruent with the conventional wisdom she and her fellow “researchers” have been so anxious to avoid.

Her review isolates that premise as follows:

While Talbot has the facts right in the broad strokes, if not all the small details, his focus was, in my opinion, a tad misplaced in spots. For example, he appears to believe E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed “confession,” which many in the research community do not.

Hunt, a career intelligence officer who became infamous as a leader of Nixon’s Watergate burglary team, implicated President Lyndon B. Johnson in the plot to kill Kennedy, which has never made sense to me. If LBJ was so ruthless that he killed his way to the presidency, why did he decide not to run again in 1968? Historically, when people have killed their way to the throne, they do not voluntarily abdicate it.

But E. Howard Hunt was far from alone in fingering LBJ as “the pivotal player” or, as I prefer to cite him, “the mastermind”. Madeleine Duncan Brown, Billy Sol Estes, Barr McClellan, and no less than Jack Ruby were strongly of that opinion, where Ruby told reporters dogging him during his appearance before Earl Warren that the motives of the principals were very tangible and that they should be looking at “the man at the top”.



Anonymous said...

Who cares at this point. We all known LBJ played a roll in killing JFK and the rest of the government. Who cares about the conspiracy theories. The fact tinds, all parties involved on the death are all dead, buried and gone forever along with all the cover up and lies
These people killed a great President, JFK, his brother, RFK and the greatest civil rights leader, MLK. And they paid a dopefend felony to kill MX
We will never know the truth. Why continue to talk about it. At this point, if you folks can't present the facts, stop with the theories. This entire article was full of conspiracy theories and boredom. Even JO took the truth to her grave.

Anonymous said...

Would be wonderful for her to be looking into a story of, "Who killed Obama, and saved a nation".

Anonymous said...

A good read is the Gemstone file.

Anonymous said...

This single act and the Bay of Pigs before has given rise to the mess that we have in this country. For sure we have been working on it for over 50 years. It all originated in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The people who took out JFK took out RFK and Dick Nixon. For certain both RFK and Nixon helped. It's amazing that Nixon survived. It is very probable that LBJ was murdered and that he didn't die of a naturally induced heart attack. If you believe or worse yet say things like this, the disinformation crowd thinks that you are a whacko, a conspiracy theorist. The evidence just continues to mount however. Each of these killings and resignations were a "Coup". The people that caused and carried them out were all the same. Thugs like Mac Wallace, the Cubans, the Mafia and the CIA-its not a series of different conspiracy theories. They are (in the main) all the same. Why aren't people talking? They are; they have been. Most are dead now, from many unusual circumstances. LBJ was ready to have a nervous breakdown. He was worried about his legacy and his evil past. Lord knows he did a lot. Nixon was hogging the CIA files-at least those that he could get. RFK would have been elected. His first act would have been to investigate his brother's death. He already knew he had accused LBJ and the CIA. It would have been a matter of time.