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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pennsylvania joins states looking to tax and regulate daily fantasy sports

Pennsylvania wants to profit on the popularity of daily fantasy sports as lawmakers may vote on a bill to regulate and tax the fast-growing industry.

A state representative from western Pennsylvania plans to introduce legislation that would require daily fantasy sports vendors — such as DraftKings and FanDuel — to partner with existing casinos already licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Daily fantasy sports leagues operate outside the boundaries of state regulation, partly because they are new, but also because a 2006 federal law exempted fantasy sports from the rest of the gambling world.



Anonymous said...

Can anybody do anything without the.government getting an undeserved taste?

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened with online poker. It grew too big too fast and now uncle sam wants his cut.

Anonymous said...

Would be better to legalize pot and move on .

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania wrongly elected a democrat idiot for governor. As a democrat, He is trying to raise taxes. That's what democrats do. That's why democrats should never ever be elected to anything.

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania never saw a tax they didn't like. We lived there 6 years, couldn't believe the state govts greed. State controlled alcohol sales, outrageous tolls on the worst roads imaginable, personal property tax, costly state auto inspections and the list goes on. Screw them.