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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Grieving" Mother Of Murdered 9-Year-Old Spends Online Donations On New Car

Having very recently pointed out the growing epidemic of "online begging," seeing a mother use an online donation platform to raise funds to "lay her son to rest" seems like a laudible and donation-worthy cause. However,as ABC7 reports, the 'grieving' mother of murdered Chicago 9-year-old Tysham Leeused the funds to purchase a 2015 Chrysler 200 and after facing a torrent of abuse attempted to defend her seemingly callous act -"Y'all don't know nothing about me."



Anonymous said...

Why does anyone question this behavior? Standard operation for this class of crooks.

Anonymous said...

This is part of the black culture

Anonymous said...

I reserve judgement until I learn what options were ordered with the car. Bluetooth for example permits hands free calls to God to convey sadness to whatever God the parents worship. In this town, you can't afford to pray without both hands on the wheel.

Uh, can the speakers that came with this car handle hip-hop?

Anonymous said...

So if it has nicer options then YOU will JUDGE? Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Did her boy get buried? ?? If so she can do what she wants. Just saying.