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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ted Cruz: 'Sure,' RNC Is at Fault for CNBC Debate Debacle

(CNSNews) - Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) says "sure," the Republican National Committee is at fault for allowing debates where liberal moderators "belittle" and "insult" Republican candidates rather than "help primary voters decide who to vote for."

"Why would our primary debates be moderated by people with an agenda of defeating whoever the Republican nominee is?" Cruz asked on Thursday.

Cruz noted that both the Democrat debates and the Republican debates "are primarily moderated by's the same people," but the objectives are different, he told Fox News' Bret Baier.

"In the Democratic debate, they get a ton of love from the moderators, and it's all praising the different candidates, avoiding too much clash. On the Republican side, you look at an awful lot of the media interviewers, their object is whoever the Republican nominee is, to beat up on them, and to have people either stay home or vote for Hillary Clinton.

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Anonymous said...

If elected Cruz will have plenty of opportunities to prove himself.It's a misguided country that keeps this debate alive.Enough of the past.Let's forge ahead and quit using MSM defects as campaign fuel.Future debate moderators may learn from the mistakes CNBC made,but for now Cruz needs to follow Elsa's advice and "Let It Go"

Anonymous said...

Cruz hit a home run when he took the moderators to task for their obvious hatchet job.

His former professor at Harvard said he was 'off-the-charts brilliant'... I'd say he was right.

Cruz has a few issues, but I think he'd be a great president.