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Saturday, October 31, 2015

I Don't Care Who You Are, That's Funny!


Anonymous said...

Very funny. They all make good ones and bad ones. But anyone considering lifting a truck should know something.......ANYTIME you lift a half ton truck and put larger tires on it (over 33" tall) you over stress you axles. Not to mention the changes in steering geometry, center of gravity, exceeding brake loads, etc., that comes from lifting anything over 4". 4" of suspension lift, interco TSL's no more than 3" taller than maximum stock size, and electric locking differentials on a 3/4 or one ton truck is all you should ever need and will remain safe to drive.

I can't wait until Toyota makes a one ton truck with a Caterpillar diesel. That will mark the end of American made trucks.

Anonymous said...

ooooh almost sound like you know what you are talking about. It's not the axles that are stressed it's the driveshaft that usually snaps from all the torque placed upon it. your lack of knowledge shows by your being a fan of a crap company like TOYota, then again you might want to just stick to government motors!!

Anonymous said...

" It's not the axles that are stressed it's the driveshaft that usually snaps from all the torque placed upon it."

I guess that comment places you in the ranks of mensa

Anonymous said...

I don't get the humor or irrationality of the pictures.. Someone please explain. Is it funny haha or funny unusual?

Anonymous said...

Acts like a snob enthusiast.... mentions Toyota in a truck conversation. Okay.jpg

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the new heated tailgate option on Chevy trucks?

It will keep your hands warm while your pushing.

Claudia Balzac said...

The universal joints will fail prematurely from day to day usage. Under severe, incidental stress, the driveshaft may drop, if the u-joints fail. The rear can experience severe wear, if not properly matched to the running gear. If it is 4WD the transfer case and transmission is subject to damage from overheating as well.

Properly matching tire height, rear end gear ratio and transmission specs is crucial to durability and reliability over the life of the vehicle.

Driving on the beach on Assateague? Have a heavy duty transmission cooler installed first, and take your automatic transmission OUT of overdrive!!