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Friday, September 04, 2015

Police arrest man who threatened to ‘kill all the white people’ in La Plata

WASHINGTON — A man is in police custody after police say he threatened to “kill all the white people” in a Charles County town.

Police arrested 20-year-old Carlos Hollins of Waldorf, Maryland, Wednesday night after they say he tweeted a threat against La Plata residents.

On Wednesday, the La Plata Police Department was notified about a tweet on an account belonging to Hollins which read, “IM NOT GONNA STAND FOR THIS NO. MORE. TONIGHT WE PURGE! KILL ALL THE WHITE PPL IN THE TOWN OF LA PLATA.”

Hollins is facing charges of threats of mass violence.



Anonymous said...

Wrong move idiot. You are either on drugs or just plain stupid. You are an example of what Obama is all about, to start a race war so that he may declare Martial Law. This should have never been published on MSM.

Anonymous said...

Race War! Well a majority may not want it but the Black folks are sure following Obama's wishes not fully realizing what is inevitable here. Many more blacks will die, whites are most likely better armed and surely they can shoot better. Whites are getting more and more disgusted with all the political correct Crap, and the sensitivity of blacks. You can't call them anything that doesn't disturb them. Call me a Cracker, I simply don't care, and that also ticks them off.
I don't think we are far from a full blown confrontation with Black America! Very sad time in America. God Bless us all.

Anonymous said...

The government keeps you so focused on each other's race with the hope you no longer focus on what they're doing. It's the same battle technique that was used during the American Revolution when George Washington realized that they only way to win against King George (and the best military in the world) was to divide from within. It's a battle technique that has proven to be effective. I'm so sick of hearing about race. Let's talk about morals, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Divided we stand that's why Democrats and the media divide us.

Anonymous said...

It's happening all over. This is what Obama and the Democrats want, Martial Law. They are trying this to incite riots and a civil war. Part of the Iran Deal is to piss of the intelligent ones hoping they are ready to pick up arms.

Lock and Load my friends. Your first enemy is anyone Black, then anyone Muslim.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, it's the "content of one's character" not the "color of one's skin" that is important.

Yet many blacks seem obsessed with skin color, like nothing else matters.

Anonymous said...

My relatives live in LaPlata , she has told me not to go to the mall
in Waldorf in the evening because I'm white. What I don't understand is why white people can't walk in peace through a black neighborhood , blacks can walk anywhere without fear.
Having said that , it is what it is , lock and load , I got my $hit.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think not so much a race war obama and the democrats want but are encouraging and empowering blacks to keep themselves in chains, enslaved to the democrat party and they are just too stupid to see it.
They didn't see it and continue to be blind to the fact that the black democrat mayor of Baltimore had them all herded and corralled in their own ghettos and then gave them the room to destroy. And as usual they did not disappoint. Essentially they were given free reign to crap in their own nests. This fact has gone completely over their heads. Herded and corralled like the mindless braindead people that they are.
Now the democrats will throw them a bone in the form of a new recreation center, a few more social programs or some free phones and they eat it up all the while thinking how great the dems are to them and they will continue to vote democrat. This is why the schools are so bad in those areas and the dems fight against school alternatives. They want them to be ignorant fools, who can't think on their own.