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Friday, September 04, 2015

Beauty Bands for Bald Babies are Bad Idea

HUNTINGTON- Dr. Yousa Kidde, a pediatric psychology professor at Marshall University Medical School, recently addressed the West Virginia Chapter of the American Psychological Association about alarming medical problems and other impairments doctors are seeing nationwide after young girls were subjected to wearing elasticized headbands as infants.

“This silly phase of putting elastic around a child’s cranium has to end. Parents need to realize how damaging this practice is, before it is too late,” Kidde said. “There is absolutely no truth that colorful headbands on infants help kids develop an esthetic sense.”

Kidde said doctors are now seeing young patients that may be scarred for life. Researchers are beginning to study whether an elastic headband is causing head trauma that can decrease the baby’s IQ. Kidde said it is hard to determine whether the headbands are to blame, since the IQs of the child’s parents cannot be that high if they are subjecting their child to this torturous fad.



Anonymous said...

And on top of that they look really stupid, and people will look back at baby pictures and say "Eeeew! What's that on your head, Grandma?"

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