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Monday, September 07, 2015

Dershowitz: Obama Is 'Childish, Petty, Vengeful' on Israel

President Barack Obama has become childish, petty and vengeful against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz tells Newsmax TV. 

In an appearance Thursday Dershowitz discussed the recent tweet by PBS news anchor Gwen Ifill seemingly taunting Netanyahu after the White House secured enough votes to override a veto of the Iran nuclear deal, which the prime minister opposes. 

    Take that, Bibi. 
    — gwen ifill (@gwenifill) September 2, 2015 

Dershowitz said he isn't surprised at Ifill's tweet, and wouldn't be surprised if such statements also were made in the White House. 

"This has become all too personal," Dershowitz said. "The president of the United States has become childish, petty, vengeful against Netanyahu, because Netanyahu came to America, spoke the truth to members of Congress – and they listened to him." 

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Anonymous said...

Dersh wants to see a lot of American soldiers get killed.There is no compromise short of a total committment.It's all or nothing and Dersh knows it.It always comes down to boots on the ground.History repeats itself over and over again and we have yet to learn from it.

Anonymous said...

This president is a very small, small, evil man.

Anonymous said...

"Obama has become childish, petty and vengeful..." Period.

Anonymous said...

Has become? The ignorant voters of this country knew the man was evil in 2012. Now the people are reaping what they have sown.

Anonymous said...

Ifill should not have tweeted what she did. But her tweet has nothing to do with Obama.

Obama, the other five nations and Iran are right to try to come to some agreement.

Any country that unleashes nuclear war on another country will have nothing to look forward to but their own nuclear self destruction including Iran and we can be sure Iran knows this.

Better to have an agreement and keep talking than to have a war which since WWII never seem to solve anything. In fact it is questionable that WWII solved everything since many of today's problems extend from that time.

Netanyahu may be afraid but he is very wrong in his methods.

Anonymous said...

The one who is wrong is our pitifully weak excuse for a president.
Witness the hoards of refugees fleeing and becoming everyone's Muslim problem, another result of the weak little man who runs our nation.
The fools who chose his " hope and change" have doomed us all.

Anonymous said...

Obama takes criticism of any sort, no matter how minor, very personally. And he does stoop to reply in petty, rude and mean
spirited ways (recall him rubbing his middle finger on his nose?) or (his diss to the Supreme Court members seated directly in front of him during State of the Nation?).

He has a fragile psyche, which isn't really a surprise given his parentage (at a time when it was very uncommon) and that he was basically abandoned by both his parents (which isn't his fault).

Worst by a long shot; Carter is still 2nd but Obama is stretching out his lead!