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Monday, August 10, 2015

Iran: Future US Presidents Can't Cancel Nuclear Deal

Iranian deputy FM says deal contains a clause forbidding future presidents from returning sanctions; 'no change after Obama leaves.'

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Majid Takht Ravanchi stated on Sunday that the Iran nuclear deal sealed last month with world powers is final, and includes a clause stipulating sanctions cannot be returned in the future by presidents after US President Barack Obama.

"There is a paragraph in the agreement which requires the US administration to stop implementation of the sanctions constantly, and this means that there won't be a change once Obama leaves the office," Takht Ravanchi said, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.

Possibly fueling the statement were promises made by Republican presidential candidates last Thursday during a televised live debate, in which several vowed to cancel the Iran nuclear deal upon taking office.

Takht Ravanchi's claim of a clause banning the return of sanctions may possibly refer to a classified side deal. It has been revealed the nuclear deal includes such side deals that are not being shown to Congress, and among other things include stipulations that Iran will inspect its own covert nuclear sites where nuclear detonator testing has occurred.

In his comments, made during a Tehran meeting concerning the nuclear deal, the Iranian official said that the US and other countries are unlikely to cancel the agreement - even as the US Congress is currently in a 60-day review period considering that very option.

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Anonymous said...

I think if Congress does not nip this deal in the bud, they are signing America's death warrant. This is the worse deal I have ever read about. And they also get to inspect their own places. Get Real!!!

lmclain said...

A treaty that the American people aren't allowed to know about?
With "side agreements" that are secret and can only be seen under guard and no notes allowed???
We are trying to restrain a crazy-ace bunch of third world loonies from destroying Israel (which they will gladly tell you about) and perhaps igniting a third (and final) world war. I can't imagine what "secret deals" would be necessary. And so toxic that Americans can't be told?? All the treaty had to say was "Don't do this or else". Or else what? Or else we turn the clock back on your pedophilic worshipping country about 50,000 years. That's what.
Again, with no answer from any obama loving goofs YET, I will ask again --- what did the USA get out of this deal? You cannot answer because it would be admitting that your hero and savior went out of his way to give Iran the ability to make weapons and keep us all in the dark until it's too late.
obama. Now confirmed as the stupidest, dumbest, most incomptetent, most inexperienced muslim to ever be president. He "changed" our country all right -- into a weak, pathetic, debt-ridden laughingstock.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Boy, oh boy, OweBama's gonna be really upset when he reads about this in the newspaper or sees it on one of his rubber stamp TV stations. Might be so worked up he could miss a putt or two.

Anonymous said...

How in the hell can any President dictate the actions of any future President? Our next President better say f that. Iran is crooked and wants us dead. And Obama is with them. I'd run on the fact I'm gonna flatten Iran and any other country with extreme Muslims. Don't wanna be wiped out? Then middle East countries take your own trash out before I do.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that votes for this should be hung for treason.

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet? Just ignoreing it will cancel it...for anyone who has the stones.

Anonymous said...

Call Washington and email, tell them as a voter you don't want any part of this!