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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dick Morris: Boehner Will Pay Dearly for Supporting TISA

House Speaker John Boehner will pay for his support of the Trade in Services Agreement – unless he decides to pack it in after this term and go fishing, political strategist Dick Morris tells Newsmax TV.

Boehner likely was duped about the contents of the bill, but still stuck by it even after WikiLeaks published it online and Sen. Ted Cruz switched positions, Morris told "The Hard Line" on Thursday in an interview scheduled to air at 9:24 pm EDT.

"It depends whether he's going to hang it up after this year, so it possibly goes on to the great year after and nobody regrets nothing because he's having fun fishing," Morris said. "If he stays in Washington, this could be the basis of a leadership challenge."

Morris said that unlike Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), TISA really has nothing to do with trade.

"That treaty says that there shall be free flow of labor between the United States and any country that signs the treaty like Mexico or Eastern Europe or whatever," he said.



Anonymous said...

The Time for pithforks and hoes a coming

Anonymous said...

Every one who voted for it needs to be voted out
They voted to help the administration send more jobs out of the US

Anonymous said...

The treaty is designed to flood this country with more militant Muslims. All part of Ob's plan to destroy liberty.

lmclain said...

You KNOW it's a LOT more than some "trade agreement".
There MUST be some really onerous things in it for the president to declare it a SECRET (the serfs don't need to know anything about the laws we will be forced to abide by or face prison).
Even the REPRESENTATIVES of "we, the people" are not allowed to speak of the details or see any of the document without being SUPERVISED and under guard?!? And they BETTER NOT talk about what they have read...
So, this administration openly and arrogantly is telling the citizens that their representatives mean nothing, have no authority, and will not be able to tell their constituents anything about a TRADE TREATY!!??
I'll tell you AGAIN -- they are ALL roaches, pedophilic, alcoholic, self-important thieves who DO NOT "represent" anyone except the people with MONEY. Party affiliation means NOTHING except a banner to allow citizens to argue about who is the latest and greatest savior. You're getting played. AND you keep voting for the people who play you and LAUGH about it and your unbelievable cheering.
Buy as many guns as you can and NEVER think you have enough ammo.
To borrow a phrase, "it's gonna get real up in here, real quick and real soon".
THATS why its so secret. And they will do ANYTHING to keep it that way.
I guess you might now see why your "leaders" though it would be a good idea to buy over TWO BILLION rounds of high powered rifle ammo.
They think they might be needing it. To make sure that "we, the people" don't get too uppity about who is really running the show.
Jefferson thought it was the citizenry. obama thinks it's HIM.
Keep cheering.