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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bree Newsome, who removed Confederate flag, known as principled leader

Those who know Bree Newsome — the young woman who climbed a flagpole in front of South Carolina's State House to remove the Confederate flag Saturday — aren't surprised by her bold step.

Even as a student at Columbia's Oakland Mills High School, she stood out for her accomplishments and leadership, former classmates said.

"This is what she was destined to do," said Amy Adler, who sang in the school choir with Newsome. "She literally took [the flag] into her own hands, which is very much what she does. She has a very on-the-ground, hands-on approach to change. I wish more people had her energy."

Howard County Councilman Calvin Ball, who lives in Oakland Mills, knows Newsome and praised her actions.

"I'm very proud of her for her courage and leadership," he said. "She continues to use her strength to fight for and empower others."



Anonymous said...

Yes, push her own agenda over other people's beliefs and heritage.

Nobody else's feelings, viewpoint or rights matter. White people don't matter. Only the demands of a few.

When a majority rules, it's democracy.

When a majority seeks to eradicate the heritage and identity of a few, to subjugate them to their social mores, it's persecution and oppression.

When the minority rules, it's tyranny.

When a minority seeks to eradicate the heritage and identity of a few, to subjugate them to their social mores, it's time for a revolution.

Anonymous said...

Throw the book at her
She broke the law

Anonymous said...

They should have shot her off her perch.

Anonymous said...

Does Not take courage to break the law that is a coward. Courage is knowing you can but hold back and don't let justice prevail. We will keep seeing cowards if we keep patting them on the back.

Anonymous said...

classically trained in music? well there ya go! nothing like pursuing a career that would actually benefit her fellow man! what a joke! prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law, which we know won't happen in todays environment. Just one question if I were to pull down a gay pride flag or black panther flag because I found it offensive, I bet I would be prosecuted big time! this country has been turned into a sh!thole by people like her!

Anonymous said...

Shes a hater plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Just another clueless puppet. That flag never bothered her till her masters told her it did.

Anonymous said...

Bree is a silly twerp and the usual suspects will make some kind of folk-hero out of her for this stupid stunt. If she really wants to make a difference and address evil and wrong-doing, how about she pick up a gun and join the fight against ISIS? That would be truly meaningful. This is just vandalism and an open statement that her opinion overrides the opinions of others.

Anonymous said...