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Monday, May 25, 2015

Sad military video


Anonymous said...

I'm an old man now of 72 years.
In 1967 some of my friends were wounded or killed in my company , 2nd infantry division 38th recon..
I cry when I see these videos and know how lucky I was and am now.
I just don't understand why this stuff like Ferguson and Baltimore goes on , do these animals need to have an wakening? Not just there but everywhere!!
I just don't understand!!
These guys died for this crap to go on, I just don't understand!!
Please don't throw my country down the drain!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen Brother thank you so very much for your service. If we had more men like you we would not have all this going on in our country.

Everyday day that I rise and breathe free I am blessed.

God Bless all Americans that believe in freedom, liberty, and justice for all. All Americans need to be one and we need to be great again.

We owe each and every Veteran alive and gone for our freedom.


Anonymous said...

4:18 I agree with you. Most of those thieves and criminals looting and destroying property, could have made the choice to enlist in the military and change their lives. But instead they excuse their idleness and destructiveness on poverty..