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Saturday, May 30, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden has died

Vice President Joe Biden has announced his son, Beau Biden has died of brain cancer.

The younger Biden's death was announced in a statement from the office of the vice president Saturday night. Beau Biden, who served as Delaware's attorney general had been hospitalized on several occasions in recent months.



Anonymous said...

How tragic. Prayers for the Biden family.

Alex said...

So sad, God bless you and your family

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that. Whatever you think of Biden as a politician, he has been through hell and back through his life. Prayers for Joe Biden and his family.

Anonymous said...

Cancer is no joke. It doesn't favor anyone. R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

Was this guy flying in the war? I maybe wrong. Seems like not to long ago.

Anonymous said...

Cancer deaths are in huge numbers. The last count on breast cancer was 3 in 5 women. Science should be looking for a prevention instead of a cure to these cancers. My prayers go out to this lovely family. So sorry for your loss.