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Saturday, May 30, 2015

As More Muslim Refugees Arrive, Costly Efforts and Backlash Grow

In response to a report that cities and states are pushing back against the federal government's refugee resettlement program, partly due to the increase in Muslim refugees, the Obama administration is spending money on educating the public on being more welcoming to them.

Millions of dollars in grants have been given to organizations such as Welcoming America, which was started in 2010 with money from George Soros' Open Society Foundations, World Net Daily reported.

The group says that it works to "educate" elected officials and Americans on being welcoming to refugees who come to the United States.

This move comes after a report published in 2013 by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), an organization that works as a government resettlement contractor, which cited "a notable rise in state and local anti-refugee sentiment and activity across the country."

Traditionally, American cities have welcomed resettled refugees into their communities, the report said. After the 1980 Refugee Act was passed, refugees who came from the United States were primarily those who were fleeing communism and other similar oppressive situations.

While HIAS cited several factors that have contributed to the growing resistance to accepting refugees, such as budget shortfalls, one major factor is "the fact that many refugees resettled today are Muslims."

"In a comprehensive study on the American Muslim community that explores and documents how Muslims are integrating into U.S. society in over 75 cities across the United States, researchers found that 'one of the most important factors for many Americans in judging their Muslim neighbors ... is the idea that Muslims will not be loyal to America when push comes to shove and value Islamic law over the law of America," the HIAS report said.



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Anonymous said...

Typical government mindset.., throw money at it and it'll go away.
There is NO amount of money nor 'training' that could change my mind about these animals.

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