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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pa. media doesn't report this about Perdue's hexane pollution: By Ray Wallace

For five years, Maryland-based chicken seller Perdue has been seeking approval for a soybean-crushing factory in Pennsylvania. Instead of properly disposing of large amounts of waste hexane gas, Perdue wants its factory to save money by releasing that dangerous neurotoxin into the air of the Susquehanna Valley -- one of the already most-polluted areas in the U.S.

For five years, Susquehanna Valley media has NOT reported:
The millions of pounds of waste hexane gas that Perdue soybean factories have long been releasing into Virginia and Maryland air.
The nonstop harm being needlessly done to Virginia and Maryland air, food, water, farms, businesses, schools, churches, and families.
The fact that -- after Perdue executives publicly boasted not being afraid of breathing hexane -- they are now planning to safely move 150 executive offices out of Maryland and far away from their own Maryland hexane pollution. 


Anonymous said...

Eyeroll here.

Anonymous said...

People in PA -

Looks like it's your turn now. Better stop them before its too late. We didn't.

Salisbury Suckers

Anonymous said...

Suggestion to Pennsylvanians:

Find out how much and to whom Perdue (company and execs) and pals (like the poultry industry and "big ag")are giving to local and state politicians for their campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Joe --

Like what is Ray Wallace doing to stop all that fracking up there in Penn?

Please ask him.

Anonymous said...

737, Ray Wallace only hates Perdue. You could nuke every square mile of Pennsylvania and he wouldn't care, unless it destroyed a Perdue facility and thereby his ability to write bad things about them!

His whole life revolves around Perdue, Hexane, and the Susquehanna Valley. But I'll bet he eats something with partially hydrogenated soybean oil in it every day!

Anonymous said...

So true. We are turning this country into a toxic waste dump to feed other countries.
Other countries are exporting electronics, toys, clothing, cars, furniture and we are exporting chickens all to the detriment of the environment and those who live here.

Anonymous said...

Who cares 7:37. All that matters is what he is doing to stop this. Others are concerning themselves with fracking so that needs to pacify your concerns. Common sense dictates that not everyone has the same concerns or dedicates themselves to too many issues. Your concerns depends on many factors including where you live.

Anonymous said...

Ray, Tell Pa. if they stop flushing all their pollution into the Chesapeake we'll work on the hexane.

Anonymous said...

This issue is ridiculous.
Regarding Item number three above, you should probably investigate the real reason Perdue is moving that division to Delaware.

Anonymous said...

to the Ray Wallace kool aid drinkers...

please stop eating all meat products.

hypocrites, every one of you...

Anonymous said...

I've about had it with Perdue chicken. It's gross. Against my better judgement I did buy some of their wings the other evening to cook the next day. I didn't open the packages and left them in the foodlion bag and put in refrigerator. Now many days later I'm still wiping up this disgusting clear slimy liquid that leaked out of the package all over the refrigerator.

I'm not going to stop eating meat 1:42 REAL meat that is. Feed it to your family if you want but I won't subject mine to what I feel is a very inferiour product.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you grow your own chickens, kill them , and eat them?
oh, I know why, because it's yucky.
do the world a favor, choke on a chicken bone.