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Saturday, December 20, 2014

State’s attorney, sheriff working on tailored GIS maps

If law enforcement or the state’s attorney’s office wants access to a particular map of an area for an investigation or trial, the process can be arduous, even if the data already exists within the county’s geographic information system coffers.

State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby admitted he’d welcome any solution to the problem that presented itself, which it has, sort of.

County employee Mark Dunlevy is pursuing, at his own cost and on his own time, a master’s degree in GIS management at Salisbury University. To complete that degree, he must complete and document a GIS-related project.

Dunlevy has offered to produce a web map, essentially the same as a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) file with some filters that could add or subtract layers of detail according to the users’ wants or needs. The document will be “read only,” so users could not modify the file information.



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