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Thursday, December 18, 2014

President Indefinitely Bans Drilling in Alaskan Bay

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Tuesday again used his executive authority to enact an environmental priority as he indefinitely barred oil and gas exploration of Alaska’s picturesque Bristol Bay to protect some of the nation’s most productive commercial fisheries.

Mr. Obama first put the ecologically sensitive area of the Bering Sea — home to an important population of whales, seals and sea lions — off limits to oil rigs in 2010, but that restriction was set to expire in 2017, several months after he leaves office. With the new executive memorandum that he signed in the Oval Office on Tuesday, Mr. Obama made the ban permanent unless a future president acts to reverse it and allow leasing of the waters of the bay.

“It is a beautiful natural wonder, and it’s something that’s too precious to us to just be putting out to the highest bidder,” Mr. Obama said in a one-minute video announcing his decision, which was posted on the White House website.



Anonymous said...

WAFI - a couple of miles further out and any other country can drill.

All he's really done is screwed the American people....never mind, that's what he wants in the first place!

Anonymous said...

This fool just does what he wants now, no lawmakers involved just his decrees. King Obama!!

ginn said...

If he, or ANYONE else with the political backbone, truly wants to help the environment he/they should demand public research and development on 'over unity' and 'LENR'. To hell with fossil fuels.
Working LENR units are already in trials by a NC company.., 80 watts in and 15,000 watts out! Estimated costs: 1.5¢/megawatt.
Once again your gov't is covering up something and lying about it to you., protecting slimy degenerate corporate interests.

Anonymous said...

Alaska can nullify Barry's memo with a tenth amendment resolution. Just takes a state legislator with some balz.

Anonymous said...

1021, you may be right but what you have forgotten is the fact that Alaska fishermen are one of the bigger local lobbies pushing AGAINST drilling. I guess these guys are all Obama drones too though.