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Friday, December 05, 2014

High school football can damage the brain in just ONE season

Researchers have found that playing a single season of football can change the brain of a teenager - even if they don't suffer concussions.

Even though players were not concussed during the season, researchers found abnormalities similar to the effects of mild traumatic brain injury.

They called for more research into the area, which raises new questions over the safety of contact sports for young adults.



Anonymous said...

Try going to practice every day for an entire season and not being allowed to play.Some things hurt worse than physical injuries because that happened to me.I wasn't exactly a standout for crying out loud,but the coaches could have at least let me play in ONE GAME.They went winless that year,which was a little consolation.Not much but a little.

Anonymous said...

Going to a high school run by libtard teachers will cause more brain damage than any football injury.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why the black football players can barely speak clearly or even tie their shoes.

Anonymous said...

Common Core can injure the brains of students on a massive scale in just a single season, making football brain injuries seem miniscule.

Anonymous said...

The liberal attack on football...They want to destroy ALL American traditions.