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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sermon fight in U.S. city: ‘Send the witch a Bible’

Tensions mount over lesbian mayor's attack on religious freedom

The fight over the subpoenas from the Houston mayor’s office for sermons by five area pastors in a fight over promoting transgenderism has reached new levels, with one commenter on a website that’s promoting citizen action on the issue stating, ” Just send the witch a Bible. That would cover the outline of the sermons and maybe lead to the salvation of the lost.”

That comment was from John Hays on the website for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has taken up the pastors’ cause and is asking a court to quash the demands for the sermons.

Website Social Content Editor Emily Conley wrote about the dispute – that the city passed a law that “would allow members of the opposite sex to use each other’s restrooms, in the name of ‘prohibiting discrimination,” known as HERO (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance). Voters weren’t so thrilled, and respond[ed] by petitioning to repeal the ordinance or at least, put it up for a vote. They got over 50,000 signatures, more than three times the required number The city secretary … certified them as sufficient. But the mayor and city attorney defied the law, claimed less than the required number of signatures was valid – and threw out the petition.”


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