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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Maid fired because of NBC chief medical correspondent's trip to her favorite soup place, in violation of Ebola quarantine

NBC chief medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman caused a local maid to be fired when she violated a voluntary Ebola quarantine agreement.

The maid, known only as Vilma, was turned away by two of her employers after Dr Snyderman visited her favorite New Jersey soup restaurant last week.

Vilma's brother is the chef at The Peasant Grill, near Princeton, and people in the town were concerned that the woman could have been exposed to the deadly virus.

They panicked because one of the members of the quarantined NBC crew went into the restaurant and they feared the chef may have then exposed his sister to the disease, TMZ reported.

Two homeowners who had been using Vilma for years told her she could not work with them until further notice.

Dr Syderman, 62, was one of seven people ordered to cut off all human contact for 21 days after the station's cameraman Ashoka Mukpo tested positive for Ebola while working in Liberia.



Anonymous said...

Have her get a lawyer and sue her and NBC for lost wages and pain and suffering.

Anonymous said...

Lady SUE the crap out of this liberal fool.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Dr Syderman been fired?

Anonymous said...

She is a DISGRACE to the medical field and needs to have her MD license Revocked.

Anonymous said...

Vilma? They fired fez from that 70's show?