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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Donald Trump: Even African-Americans Can't Listen to Obama Anymore

The streams of people in Maryland who left a rare campaign appearance by President Barack Obama over the weekend showed he is so unpopular that even African-Americans can't listen to him anymore, real estate and entertainment billionaire Donald Trump told "Fox & Friends."

"This was an African-American crowd, largely. And, they just couldn't stand listening to him anymore, which is very interesting," Trump said Monday. "I don't think it really means anything new. I'm not surprised to see it."



Anonymous said...

I can't take Trump serious. He's a notch above Sharpton, but you couldn't slide a piece of paper in the notch.

Anonymous said...

Is he being attacked by a bird?

Anonymous said...

Hey minorities the democrats sold you out by letting millions of illegals in the country.

Anonymous said...

Those attendees were most likely paid to attend and left when they adhered to their responsibility!

Anonymous said...

After 6 years of lies it's no wonder. The dems know it too. That's why their creating a new voter base by catering to the illegals. Plain and simple but folks just don't get it!