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Monday, July 07, 2014

Mexican Troops "Invaded" the Border... Obama Did Nothing

Tension along the U.S. border with Mexico continues to escalate while the Obama administration seems content to ignore the full-scale humanitarian and security crisis that many believe the president created purposefullyfor his own political gain.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have crossed into the United States in recent months, lured by the promise of amnesty and a chance at a better life. As the federal government has done little in response to the growing crisis, states have been forced to take action on their own and civilian militia troops have also assembled along the border in Arizona and Texas.

Adding to the chaotic situation, Border Patrol agents and civilians have taken fire in what appears to be a growing trend of illegal incursions into U.S. territory by armed members of the Mexican military, possibly in league with criminal cartels smuggling drugs and immigrants across the border.



Anonymous said...

The Dumocrats in control are a farce of a government!

If we were to be 'invaded' the population could fight off the invaders and get rid of the crooked spineless elected officials at the same time.

The citizens opened a can of whoop-ass against tyranny a couple of years ago and have been stockpiling whoop-ass ever since!

Anonymous said...

I see Marshall Law coming!

Anonymous said...

They know they can do pretty much what they want while we have this joke of a president.

Doris W said...

Marshall Law before the 2016 elections if not sooner.