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Friday, June 20, 2014

ISIS 'seizes Iraq's largest oil refinery' and kidnaps 100 foreigners

Insurgents claim they have seized 75 per cent control of the country's largest oil refinery today despite Iraq's prime minister insisting his government has regained the initiative against Sunni militants.

Nouri al-Maliki, a Shi'ite who has been in office since 2006, said in a televised address that the loss last week of a large swathe of territory has helped Iraq restore its national unity.

'We were able to contain the strike and arrest deterioration... we have now started our counter-offensive, regaining the initiative and striking back,' he said.

But his upbeat assessment came as reports suggested ISIS militants had captured three-quarters of Iraq's largest oil terminal in Baiji after a day of heavy fighting at gates defended by elite troops.

Insurgents are also thought to have kidnapped at least 100 foreign workers across the country during their week-long offensive. There have been no reports so far to suggest that British nationals are among them.



Anonymous said...

The cost of fuel is going to skyrocket... and we have done nothing to tap into the great wealth of oil on federal property that could make our country oil independent.. Drill, baby, Drill

Anonymous said...

1233, just how much of your gas was coming from this refinery?

Anonymous said...

1:15... you guys kill me. The issue has nothing to do with how much of his gas came from this particular refinery. The issue is an unstable region that the US is dependent upon for it's fuel. This is a region that we do NOT need to be dependent on.. as 12:33 pointed out, we have plenty here we just can't drill for it since you liberals want to ruin our economy...

Anonymous said...

Just as I have told some folks. Iraq will be another Vietnam and it sure looks that way. Afghanistan will turn out the same way.

Anonymous said...

Obama now what do we trade for their release. That's why we don't trade with the enemies.