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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Converting Salt Water Into Fuel

The Navy says it has found a way to convert seawater into fuel. Vice Adm. Phil Hart Cullom calls the breakthrough a "game-changer" because it will let ships and aircraft stay longer at sea or in the air. It also weans them away from outside sources of energy. 

The Naval Research Laboratory says its new technology can extract carbon dioxide and hydrogen from seawater at once. Then a reactor system converts the gases to liquid hydrocarbons. Scientists say it's the first technique with the potential to scale commercially. They have tested it on a radio-controlled model plane.


Anonymous said...

Haven't they been doing this for years on submarines, extracting oxygen for the crew and venting the hydrogen as a waste product?

Anonymous said...

Yachts have been using this process for years,but the airplane aspect is new to me.