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Friday, January 24, 2014


The Ocean City Public Safety Building lobby has housed a permanent 24-hour drug drop-box since May of 2012. In 2013, 243 pounds of unused and unwanted medications, including controlled pain medications, depressants and stimulants, were turned in to the drop box. These turned-in medications have a street value of nearly $25,000.

Another permanent drug take back drop box is located at the Ocean Pines Police Department. Combined, the two drop boxes yielded a total of 657 pounds of medication containing 12,598 controlled pills having a street value of $70,592.

“The drop box was donated to the Ocean City Police Department in May 2012 by the Ocean City Elks Lodge and has served as a safe place for citizens to bring their unused and unwanted medications ensuring that the medications never end up on the streets of Ocean City,” said OCPD Chief Ross Buzzuro. “We strongly encourage citizens to take their unwanted medications to the drop box and not flush their medication or throw them away. Disposing of medication properly prevents the medication from entering our waterways and landfills.”

The Maryland Executive Board members of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) have hailed this effort as a success in keeping unwanted and unused prescription drugs out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them as well as out of Maryland coastal bays and waterways.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this free and confidential program, please contact the OCPD Public Affairs Office at: 410-520-5395.


Anonymous said...

I have three expired prescriptions and was told to flush them. I do not believe that is a good idea. Where is our drop box here in the Salisbury area?

Anonymous said...

On Rt 50 across from the Perdue plant behind Food Rite. I put a little water in the mix so I know they cannot be recycled.

Anonymous said...

You should also remove the label with your name/Dr. info and personal information.

Anonymous said...

Some idiots will be trying to steal the drop boxes next.

Anonymous said...

So, once they are in the drop boxes, where do they go? Where is "away"?

lmclain said...

maybe they should start telling the visiting nurse for hospice care that they should flush those meds into the water system. The FIRST thing the hospice nurse did when my wife died was ask "where are the drugs?" and took them all, which were an extensive group of powerful drugs, and flushed them. I wonder where they ended up in the food chain?
Secondly, always question the police version of "street value". They bust an ounce of pot and claim they took $2500 worth of drugs off the street. I don't know where they buy THEIR drugs, but I DO know they vastly overstate the price of drugs (to make themselves look like they are really putting a dent in the drug supply, which is akin to pulling a blade of grass on a football and claiming you are "maintaining the field").
Cops do love to play undercover dress-up. Most of them prefer the homosexual crime unit, from what I hear, because they like the dress selection more than the biker outfits.
I didn't mean to reveal any cop secrets.
Yes, I did.