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Friday, January 24, 2014

Conservative Turned Down By Photographer But Says It’s Ok

Alan Sears doesn’t know what it’s like to be refused service for being gay, but he does know what it’s like to be refused service for being a conservative.

Six months ago, a Southern California photographer turned him down flat when he asked her to take a Christmas card photo of his family, explaining in an email, “I oppose the goals and objectives of your organization and have no interest in working on its behalf.”

That was fine with Mr. Sears, CEO and general counsel of the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom, who is leading the legal battle on behalf of photographers, florists, cake decorators and others sued for refusing to create products for same-sex weddings.


Anonymous said...

Sue the photog for refusal of service just like the cake baker got sued by the homosexuals.
Works both ways.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately 12:34-it doesn't work both ways. A straight, white American male is now the lowest of the low in this country and does not have the same rights as someone non-white, queer, or of foreign descent. The white American male is nothing more than the workhorse who pulls his own weight plus the weight of the government and the freeloaders created by the government.

Anonymous said...

Beware of those who constantly yammer about 'tolerance' and 'diversity'. They are often the most vicious bigots around.