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Monday, November 11, 2013

What About Discharged Vets

Today we honor the nation's 22 million veterans. But what about the hundreds of thousands of vets that were discharged? A New York Times Op-Ed reveals that administrative discharges for minor misconduct, along with dishonorable discharges make veterans ineligible for the health care, employment, housing and education benefits offered by the Veterans Affairs Department. Many times these offenses are the result of war-time stress. Some think that Congress and our communities need to give more support to this disadvantaged group and not let those that served fall between the cracks.


Anonymous said...

As an honorable discharge veteran, I totally disagree. I worked for a man who had an RE-4 on his DD-214. He was a poor excuse for a supervisor for the department of correction. We all had a big party when he finally resigned after many years of employment.

Anonymous said...

these guys were already bad boys before they joined the military. They don't deserve a thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, poster, you get a job, screw it up and commit crimes during employment to make your boss look bad, get fired, and you want a damned retirement package?????