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Monday, November 11, 2013

Advocates Line Up In Defense Of Maryland Taxes

Sensing an election-year push to cut taxes in Maryland, advocates of environmental, health and social service programs are plotting to ensure that that doesn't happen.

The call by some politicians to repeal a stormwater fee, cut the corporate tax rate or otherwise deliver relief to the business community has energized advocates who spent years persuading Annapolis to raise more cash for state programs. They are determined to convince the public and lawmakers that cutting taxes in 2014 is a bad idea.

"We're calling it offense on the defense," said Halle Van der Gaag, executive director of the environmental group Blue Water Baltimore, which supports the stormwater fee derided by critics as a "rain tax."

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Anonymous said...

The taxpayer does care about raising our taxes. otaxie has raised and created more taxes more added fees, etc. to each of us. He has created an overburdened state that cannot sustain more tax increases and fees. You are a large part of the problem in this state. Your causes are like cancer spreading from organ to organ until the host dies and that is what has happened to this state. otaxie is just in some smoked induced state of mind if he thinks he hasn't failed all of us.
Go bleed some other state dry.

Anonymous said...

this is a total joke. envirowakos have no credibility with regular common sense citizens. they were NOT voted in by the citizens of the country and they shouldn't have ANY say in anything.

the entire department should be dismantled, deleted, gone, zip. never to be seen or heard from again. they're kooks and promote lies to anyone who will fall for this crap. useless and costing us a fortune.

Anonymous said...

Show me the machine that takes the rainwater from my roof and driveway and cleans it before it gets to the waterway, and I will gladly contribute money to build it. Until you can, you are just stealing money from taxpayers for nothing in return. Taxation without representation.