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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Students Suffer ObamaCare Sticker Shock As Premiums Soar, Plans Get Cut

While millions of Americans are watching their individual polices get canceled due to ObamaCare regulations, the new health care rules are also having a major impact on college campuses.

For decades, universities and colleges have offered students bare-bones policies. But because of the Affordable Care Act, those policies no longer cut it – and universities are forced to decide whether to offer significantly higher-cost plans or cancel coverage altogether.

The new rules affect a broad swath of American schools, especially the small ones.

At Bowie State University in Maryland, the cost of student health insurance policies went from roughly $100 a year to $1,800 a year.



Anonymous said...

Most of them voted for Obama so now they are getting what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

you think your health insurance is a shock. just wait till you graduate, student loans out your ass and no job to be found. just some friendly advice ,educate yourself next time before you vote.

Anonymous said...

Vote for him and his kind {Hillary} again. I just love it! Maybe these jerks will get informed the next time they go to the polls instead of just listening to "bs" given to us by the mainstream media. I'll survive this fool in the Oval Office but a lot of them won't. Ha-Ha!

Anonymous said...

I guess you get what you voted for but unfortunately so did we.