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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Obama Finds A Way To Ruin Thanksgiving

For some, Thanksgiving is difficult enough with abrasive relatives gobbling up your food without a scintilla of gratitude. Now President Obama comes along with a proposal that could cause turmoil in even the happiest of homes.

The president wants us to discuss politics, immigration reform and Obamacare at our holiday tables. Imagine the scene. One of your kids is home from college, having been indoctrinated by liberal-leaning professors with politics mired in the ’60s, and he or she begins lecturing Grandpa Joe or Aunt Marie about the necessity of visiting the Obamacare website (if they can get on) and buying health insurance.

Let the bickering begin!

The only thing worse than discussing politics at the dinner table is discussing religion there.



Anonymous said...

Not a problem for me. Those idiot relatives who voted for Obama are no longer tolerated in my house. Cleanses the whole atmosphere and I don't have to worry about theft, either.

Anonymous said...

never pay any attention to what this man says. watch closely what he does. don't be deceived.

Anonymous said...

maybe they like that too

Anonymous said...

And why wasn't Obama in the war zone with our troops this Thanksgiving? Does he bother to visit any troops?

Anonymous said...

doing that would bring alot of hate and anger to the dinner table. thatnks giving is supposed to be a happy holiday not a

Anonymous said...

We discussed Obamacare on Thanksgiving while eating a baked chicken and baked beans. I explained to my grandchildren how our health care increased $1800.00 a year, and their share of the National Debt was $54,000.00.