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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No Geographic Mistake In Gansler’s Pick Of Ivey

The latest bit of nonsense in the Maryland governors’ race is the suggestion that Doug Gansler from Montgomery County made a mistake by not balancing his ticket with someone from the Baltimore Region.

Gansler picked Del. Jolene Ivey from Prince George’s County. Professor Don Norris of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County described the pick as proof Gansler is “knee-deep in quicksand.” I have great respect for Don Norris, but knee-deep in quicksand? Maybe he’s up to his ankles in a mud puddle.

No one has suggested that Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, from Prince George’s County, failed the regional balance test when he picked Howard County Executive Ken Ulman. This is apparently a balanced ticket.


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Anonymous said...

When all the candidates are picked from the "Big Five", we lose. It's time to move to another state.