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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maryland Exchange Informs Man He is Not a Citizen (though his ancestors arrived on the Mayflower)

Brian Shaffer lives in Maryland. He is one of hundreds of thousands who has lost insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. But when Shaffer tried to buy replacement insurance on the Maryland exchange he got a surprise, one which he described as "sheer stupidity."

"I went to the Maryland Exchange, filled out the application, and at the end it told me I wasn't eligible because I was not a U.S. citizen" Shaffer told WJLA-TV.



Anonymous said...

Lucky bastard! Now he'll get all his healthcare for free, while us citizens have to pay! He doesn't know how good he's got it!

Anonymous said...

Darnit...Should have applied for a gay marriage, wic, obamaphone, hud housing, illegal anchor baby permit.....MD IS LIBTARDED..

Anonymous said...

When Obama applied it said the same thing.