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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Forget Obamacare, Will Hillarycare Be Next?

Since the Government seems to know what's best for all Americans, will Hillary be next in an attempt to take control of Auto Insurance?

What's the difference. It's a huge scam too. $1,200.00 for a windshield? A slight ding that costs $1,000.00 to repair. Nah, deal with it, it ain't so bad, (the Government tells you).

Ever wonder why they can show as many commercials on television as the pharmaceutical companies do?

Many wonder why young people are not getting a drivers license these days, because they can't afford the insurance. Well, expect, (if, God Forbid she's ever elected) Hillary to come up with Hillarycare. 

The kicker, you won't get a license to drive if you don't join their program. Unless your undocumented or illegal, that is. 

Democrats, because they know how to get your vote.


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the thought of Hillary as next president is scary.

But it will happen if the Repubs don't get with finding an electable candidate soon.

Another Mcain or Romney just won't float...


Anonymous said...

nice picture of hillary. photoshop does her justice. hail to the chief

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2016, it's a lock.

Anonymous said...

What is really needed is a candidate that will carry the Republican and libertarian votes....

Too many people didn't vote for McCain and Romney...even though they didn't vote for the Kenyan Communist....these two were almost as bad in another direction.

Or, everyone needs to understand that if another Democrat is elected - it WILL get worse than it already is....soooo, everyone needs to coalesce on a candidate to defeat the Dems!

Anonymous said...

Evidently if Hillary wins the election - The American people must enjoy being enslaved by the Government, political correctness, wusafying American males abnormal behavior accepted as normal and total loss of freedom.

Anonymous said...

and her running mate will be Michelle Obama.

What's in your wallet now?