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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Poll: 1/3 Of Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Have Contemplated Suicide

A new survey shows that even as America looks to transition to peacetime, the veterans of the last 12 years of war are hardly out of the woods.

The 2013 annual survey by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America revealed that nearly 1/3 of those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have contemplated taking their own lives.

While mental health and post traumatic stress disorder remain a huge issue for American veterans, the government agency charged with their care, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, has faced incredible criticism for a perceived inability to respond to disability claims in a timely or efficient manner.

See the survey's full section on mental health here:


Anonymous said...

Big pharma and the anti depressants drugs they push are the cause of this mention of the elelphant in the room

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Big Pharma wouldn't be needed if the larger elephant didn't exist. Just keep training our kids to "Fight for Freedom & the American Way" and keep sending them off forcing them to become the worst terrorists this world has ever experienced, killing people & fighting a "war" that will never be won.

That is the elephant in the room, my friend. Viet Nam, replayed.