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Saturday, August 17, 2013

E.W. Jackson Calls Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton 'Idiots'

Speaking before a crowd of Republicans in Williamsburg Thursday, E.W. Jackson, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor, narrowed in on race issues and lashed out against President Barack Obama and two prominent civil rights leaders, accusing them of dividing the country.

“I believe we can transcend some of these racial lines, of course we have to stop listening to idiots like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton,” Jackson said at the Colonial Area Republican Men’s Association monthly luncheon.
“Maybe I shouldn’t call them idiots, misguided might be a better word,” Jackson quickly added. “They want to divide us; they want to turn everything into a racial issue. I think the American people so desperately want to get past that. But it’s so hard when you got leadership that uses every opportunity and try to divide us.”



Obama Crooked Motors said...

Finally someone who is not afraid to speak the truth. E.W.Jackson said it right, keep preaching it, brother, and do not be swayed by "misguided" idiots racists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Black people need to wake up . Fallow the money. What has your so called black leaders done for you lately . NOTHING. Your leaders know how to USE you to make them rich.

Anonymous said...

The army of whites is forming all over the country. We are tired and sick of this BS.
Al Sharpton and Messie Jackson have awakened a sleeping lion.