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Friday, July 26, 2013

Pharmaceutical Company Launches Major Expansion

SALISBURY -- Shovels officially met ground last Friday as Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals (JCP) Inc. broke ground on a new expansion to their Salisbury facility that will more than double its size and add 200 to 300 new jobs within the next five years.

JCP has continued to grow steadily in Salisbury since 2005 when Jubilant Life Sciences Limited acquired control of the company.

“When our parent company, Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, acquired a majority stake in this company eight years ago, there were about 30 people working here,” said Scott Delaney, CEO of Jubilant Cadista. “Today, nearly 300 employees help to produce 14 product families at this facility. The site expansion will allow us to grow and accommodate our plans of doubling the number of products over the next two years. During the next several years, the addition of these and possibly more products currently in the pipeline will open opportunities for the addition of up to 200 or more jobs.”



Anonymous said...

Awsome! Great news for Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

Drugs? yeah...such good news.

Anonymous said...

What exactly do they manufacture?

Anonymous said...

Nothing sells like drugs in America. Good business to locate here. Cheers!

Beezer said...

Well isn't it about time that something positive is finally happening in the City of Salisbury.
At least it is a start - (200 new jobs)

Especially since Salisbury has lost
926 jobs in May - 2013
1073 jobs in April - 2013
972 jobs in March - 2013
1167 jobs in February - 2013
57 jobs in January - 2013
504 jobs in December 2012

I am not making this stuff up - here is the website for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Anonymous said...

200 new jobs in Salisbury is not a drop in the bucket according to the statistics according to 9:34 Posting.

Funny, I haven't seen news other than O'Malley's raving about how Maryland has become a job magnet.

Just goes to show you that one needs to keep an objective mindset, especially in light of the propaganda being diseminated by our own government.

Anonymous said...

Every drug is toxic to the human body and do not and can't cure anything they are only bandaids. If you take these pharmaceuticals long enough they will kill you.