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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gansler To Talk About Ethics Reforms In Maryland

Maryland's Attorney General, Douglas Gansler is planning to talk about "proposals to improve transparency and accountability in state government." (see link below)

Gansler's "timing" on this important topic is very interesting considering the following FACT:

Douglas Gansler, the Attorney General for the State of Maryland is currently named in a $5 million lawsuit for disobeying court orders and for collaborating with the Somerset County Sheriff's Office and other high-ranking officials that sit on the Board of the Maryland Police Training Commission.

CASE # 1:2013CV01350
Charles W. Rapp
Albert L. Liebno, Jr.
Marcus L. Brown
John A. Bartlett, Jr.
Wicomico County Sheriff, Michael A. Lewis
FBI Special Agent, Stephen E. Vogt
William McMahon
Robin E. Roberts
Charles Wellford
Anthony Batts
Jozette Pope
Douglas K. Holland
Stuart M. Nathan
Gary D. Maynard
Larry Brownlee
Charles H. Hinnant
Attorney General, Douglas Gansler

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