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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MVA Emailing Driver's License Renewal Notices

GLEN BURNIE, Md. — The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration wants your email address.

The MVA is sending out driver’s license renewal notices, and it hopes to process more of them electronically to save money on printing and postage.

Drivers who provide an email address on the MVA’s website will get an emailed renewal notice 90 days before their licenses expire. If they don’t renew within two weeks of the email, the MVA will mail a paper notice.

The MVA says it started emailing renewal notices last year and has since saved $65,000.

MVA administrator John Kuo says drivers appreciate the ease and efficiency of email renewals.


Daddio said...

A different perspective from this article previously posted in SBYNEWS ...

Anonymous said...

my e-mail is out of order much of the time, thanks to yahoo. I would NEVER rely on it for anything important.

Anonymous said...

5:05 Yahoo is old and outdated. Gmail is also free.

ginn said...

I can't comment on license renewal over email but I can tell you it is a huge hassle when doing so through US postal mail. Mine came with a yellow insert claiming that I had to go to the MVA in person and have another picture taken. The insert also said "ask for a supervisor to expedite this process" which I did. I was given one of their "in line waiting" tickets and told to sit with the others who were waiting. An hour and 15 minutes later when my ticket number was called, in it's order I got my "expedited" picture taken. For a gov't department that has supposedly been streamlined I sure haven't seen it. And, I seriously doubt this e-mail renewal is going to help the MVA as much as competent employees would.