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Saturday, June 29, 2013

THANK YOU For Yet Another Incredible Record Breaking Week

This past week we enjoyed yet another record breaking week in both hits and comments.

What makes Salisbury News the #1 Political and Influential Website in Maryland and Delaware year after year, YOU!

YOU participate by making comments, (agree or disagree) but more importantly there are many of YOU that send us articles/topics/pictures YOU find the most interesting. 

After the Mayoral Election I had many state representatives contact me and say, you know you have a lot more influence with Salisbury News than you would have ever had as Mayor of Salisbury. This is very true. While I felt compelled to at least step up to the plate and offer an alternative, YOU continue to help us make an incredible difference here on our Eastern Shore.

I am fortunate enough to get calls, e-mail messages and in many cases the opportunity to meet face to face with many of our elected officials from around the state. I have been able to share what wisdom I have to open minded officials who take that information and use it to create, (in their own way) a better life for all of us. 

The other day we produced a press release about the Safe Streets program. Let me assure you, I spoke directly with Governor O'Malley about this particular issue, (crime) several years ago and guess what, he listened. He was not aware, (at the time) of the statistics we provided, proving crime was a lot worse than any other media source provided. So together we can and do make a difference. 

Enough pressure has been placed on elected officials to watch them step down and now, (better) people fill many shoes for former department heads as well. Some were good choices, some were bad but even many of them have now been replaced. 

Together, (with your help) we do make a difference. The situation with PRMC is not sitting Idle. I know for a fact many of the issues brought forth in a Letter To The Editor has made a HUGE difference. Even other corporations like Royal Farms responded in a positive way. Heck, we've now witnessed WBOC follow our lead by announcing lost pets to help reunite them with their owners.

I need YOU to know, (or perhaps be reminded) of just some of the things YOU and I have accomplished over time. I encourage YOU to continue sending links to articles, Letters to the Editor, (with or without your names) photos and tips. YOU do have an outlet to express your concerns and quite frankly you are not going to get a larger local audience than Salisbury News.

Put my e-mail address in your phone. You can do so by doing the following. Rather than putting in a phone number, put in instead. If your on the scene and take a picture you can easily send that picture right to my e-mail address. You can store my cell number as well, (410-430-5349) and send it there if you like. 

Together we can continue to provide news and information in REAL TIME. Just when we're all feeling we don't have a say in what is going on in local or even national politics, your wrong. Don't you think for a second our local representatives aren't listening. Trust me when I tell you, I get enough phone calls and e-mail messages from all of them, I know we're making a difference. Heck, I ran into Rudy Cane yesterday and even he was telling me he read a certain article we provided and the impact it made on him. Governor O'Malley flat out told me in front of WBOC, WMDT and the Daily Times, "When I want to know what's going on on the Eastern Shore I go to Salisbury News".

So I/We thank you for participating. Have a great weekend! 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service to Delmarva. It was a shame you lost the Salisbury mayoral election but maybe it was for a higher purpose. I spread the news of an alternative news source to the local TV news and the local DT rag to local people (and people in surrounding areas, I get around)everywhere I go. Most people that are the least bit conservative love your site when they discover it. Keep up the good work, you are making s difference in this area. God Bless.