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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Star Witness Rachael Jenteal: I Can't Read That Letter Explaining What Happened to Trayvon Martin That Night Even Though I Supposedly Wrote It

She's a star witness because she's the only witness to contradict George Zimmerman's claim that he stopped following Trayvon Martin. The defense suspects she's making this all up-- that she had nothing important to tell police, which is why she never bothered contacting them.

At some point, weeks later, the Martin family contacted her. She now explains her failure to step forward with critical information in a homicide case by saying she expected police to contact her, because that's what always happens on First 48 (one of those crime documentary news magazine shows).

"Don't you watch First 48?" she asked a defense attorney when pressed on this claim. As if she thought the attorney's knowledge of police procedure came from the same place hers (allegedly) did.



Anonymous said...

I have been watching the trial. So far, the prosecution's witness looked more like the defense witnesses to me. If he is aquitted, there will be riots. If he is convicted, there
SHOULD be riots to protest a terrible miscarriage of justice. The state has not even come remotely close to proving anything except that it was self defense.

Anonymous said...

Oh our great edumacation system, what a joke and she is a beast.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she voted?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice if she had blond roots?

Anonymous said...

She probably has brain damage. TM's autopsy revealed he had moderate beginning signs of it. He also had mild liver damage.

In such a young man these are things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

Then you remember Skittles and iced tea! These are 2 or the 3 ingredients (other one cough syrup) used to make a highly addictive drug concoction called Lean in street lingo. Prolonged and/or extensive use of Lean will produce both liver and brain damage.
TM's Facebook and other social media conversations before they were deleted show he was well acquainted with Lean.

Anonymous said...

I watched her for 2 days.

One part of me feels sorry for her because it was so painfully obvious no one in authority has ever cared or cares for this child.
The other part of me hates her for her obvious-out to get GZ at all costs- attitude.

I feel the same way about TM. He was a product of his environment. "Parents" too busy doing other things than to pay attention to him, too many half siblings to keep track of or even count.
We would probably feel differently about TM if not for the disgusting display of exploitation of him.

No one had time for him when he was alive. (That "father" didn't even bother to go and look for him until the next day-body was autopsied as a John Doe) Now that he's dead and the payday more lucrative they have limitless time for him.

Anonymous said...

On TV tonight the MSM is STILL showing the 12 year old TM picture. Don't suppose they are biased?

Anonymous said...

She's the witness who suddenly remembered on the stand Trayvon yelling "get off get off."
She also testified Trayvon was scared because some "cracker" was following him, she heard "wet grass", Trayvon's phone went dead and she tried calling him getting no answer.
Okay......Why didn't she call 911? If I were on the phone with a friend who thought they were being followed, yelled "get off get off", phone went dead and then no answer, I'd be calling 911 ASAP. Not sure if I would know what "wet grass" sounds like though.

Anonymous said...

Minds me of Precious

Anonymous said...

10:59 - except Precious had growth potential!