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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Assateague Welcomes New Foal, Expects Another Soon

ASSATEAGUE -- The wild pony herd’s newest edition has been quietly getting its legs under it in a remote area at the national seashore.

The latest addition to Assateague’s famed pony herd, with its rather sterile early moniker N9BFQ-GL, was birthed on Assateague sometime in mid-May. The sorrel foal was the first new edition to the wild pony herd in 2013 after a relative baby boom in 2012 when three new ponies were born in the span of a little over two months.

The new foal was berthed by Harmony, officially registered as N9BFQ-G, in a remote part of the island far away from the north end, where Tuesday’s excitement surrounding the discovery and detonation of over 100 pieces of World War II ordnance took place, according to Chief of Interpretation and Education Rachelle Daigneault. Thus far, the foal appears to be thriving although the wild herd is largely left on its own unless illness or injuries occur.


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Anonymous said...

Love Assateague and Chincoteague, some of the last un-commercialized beach area left in the nation.